Welcome! I'm Freelance Game Composer TKIMUSE!

I compose and produce killer custom soundtracks for video games and film!

I have an extensive knowledge of musical style and genre, having received expert training in a variety of genres ranging from Classical and Romantic, to Jazz and Blues, to Metal and Rock, and much more.
I work in my own studio with industry standard scoring and recording equipment, as well as access to over 40,000 different sounds and samples to incorporate in your video game soundtrack.

Check out my Portfolio and Credits page for examples of my work, then head to the Hire Me page to find out how to treat your project to a top quality soundtrack!


What they're saying

"I would certainly say that TKIMUSE has satisfied my expectations and my somewhat rigorous requirements. I still listen to TKI’s music when I'm working. “The Tower Reversed” is a truly catchy tune with a bit of mystery"

Dylan Collins

The Neon Youth
"Working with TKIMUSE has been an incredibly easy experience. He is almost always available to talk directly through Discord or Twitter with very little delay except for the obvious time differences between the US and the UK. I and the Freyr team have been consistently satisfied with his work on Freyr."


Epic House Studios
"Our Space Shooter soundtrack rocks! TKIMUSE soundtracks take your game to the next level, go check him out!"


UnNamed Games
"Working with TKI has been and continues to be a pleasure, from the fairly often updates and great flexibility, to being surprised by the quality of the tracks he creates. Sometimes requirements for music can change, and this is especially true in game development. Vision and tone for something can rapidly change - but TKI has been on top of it all, often going beyond just reworking existing tracks. The tunes TKI comes up with are also fantastic, being clear productions that match the requested tone perfectly."


Epic House Studios

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