About Me

Musical Influences

A few words about me

Since a young age, I have been a performer, singer, songwriter and composer. Some of my earliest memories of video games stem from GoldenEye and Pokemon Stadium on the Nintendo 64, as well as PlayStation classics such as Crash Bandicoot and Digimon World; most of which I would memorise the unforgettable music and sing for hours on end.

Taking Music More Seriously

My teen years saw me take music more seriously as I joined a college specifically focussed on music performance. I created two rock bands, both of which included cover music and original songs written by the band and myself. I started to learn piano and guitar more strictly, as well as ukulele (my favourite use of which is to play the classic level one theme from Super Mario Bros.)

University, The English Touring Opera And More

I went on to study music and popular music at University, where I learned fundamental skills for writing music on scoring software such as Sibelius, as well as studying the theories and practical abilities for writing music for film and animation. During this time I performed as a classic tenor alongside the English Touring Opera, as well as supported pop bands Lawson and Union J in Birmingham, UK. I also learned orchestration and arrangement skills which assisted my compositional skills, as well as heavily studying various aspects of world music, modern and contemporary music, and the development of classical music from renaissance to romantic.

In more recent years

I earned a degree in teaching, allowing me to teach music and musical theatre in schools. I have been musical director for a number of musicals and performances in Birmingham, as well as being commissioned to write music for art documentaries, musicals and video games.