Hire Me

My Process

See how I'll compose your masterpiece



Let's discuss your game and your requirements. Concept art and gameplay help greatly!


Sample Production

I'll create an early version of one of your tracks, usually within a week. We will discuss if you are happy for me to continue this track.



Payment is requested, during this time I will continue developing and producing your music; we will also exchange a contract.



Your track is ready for download! You will receive a link to download a high quality, seamlessly loopable .wav; ready for your game!

Why get a custom soundtrack?

Your game is your baby. Your work of art. The thing that you have spent hours labouring over to make perfect. A game's soundtrack is its voice. It gives your world an extra layer of personality; it creates an atmosphere of emotion that perhaps couldn't otherwise be achieved by pixels and art alone.

Below are a few questions for you to answer that will help us both get the best result;
  • What is your game about?
  • Where/when is your game set?
  • What are your influences or inspirations for your game?
  • Do you have a preference in musical style and genre for me to consider? (Please include specific reference material if possible!)
  • Any other info I should know?
  • How many pieces of music will you be needing?

Please send an example of concept/current artwork and gameplay in your query, and please let me know if you have a current budget in mind for music in your game and I will keep this in mind when quoting a price.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to game music. If you are a game developer just starting out, you may turn to royalty free music for your game. But a taylor made soundtrack is something you need to take your video game to the next level. No longer will you be sharing your music with countless other titles; your game soundtrack is yours and yours alone. 

When writing a soundtrack for a video game, I take direct influence from the game's world, characters and lore to inform my creative decisions.

Things to consider

“Do I want synthetic or orchestral/acoustic music?”
The style and instrumentation of music often affects the development time of an OST. For example; a synthetic piece of music similar to what is used in my original soundtrack for Mount and Shoot, while still of high quality, would take less time to write and produce than more orchestral compositions in my RPG Fusions Music Pack.

“Do I want static or adaptive music?”
Some video games benefit from having a single loopable track in various locations, whereas others require a more adaptive approach to composition, meaning that there are multiple layers to the music that could be triggered by moving to a new location, engaging with an enemy, or even changing from day to night. It is entirely up to you how you want your music to behave in-game, however the more adaptive the soundtrack, the more time it will take to complete.