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Tom Kinsella, also known as TKIMUSE, is a composer from Birmingham, UK. Since 2019, he has written soundtracks for over 30 indie games and various other projects such as animations and documentaries.

Tom is also a teacher of music performance and composition and is currently studying a masters of fine arts in professional composition at Thinkspace Education.

Check out my Portfolio and Credits page for examples of my work, then head to the Hire Me page to find out how to treat your project to a top quality soundtrack!


What they're saying

"I would certainly say that TKIMUSE has satisfied my expectations and my somewhat rigorous requirements. I still listen to TKI’s music when I'm working. “The Tower Reversed” is a truly catchy tune with a bit of mystery"

Dylan Collins

The Neon Youth
"Our Space Shooter soundtrack rocks! TKIMUSE soundtracks take your game to the next level, go check him out!"


Andean Studio
"The speed in which he came up with some of the tracks is insane. One moment he would be talking to us about how a track would feel and a few minutes later he would come back to us with a multi layered music piece"


Hunterson Studio
"Very flexible and carefully listens to what a customer wants, even if you ask him tons of questions. I am very happy with the end product TKIMUSE delivered. 10/10, definitely recommend!"


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