Mayhem Cars - Original Score

Mayhem Cars – Openfun Games

“Mayhem Cars was created with simple goal in mind. I wanted to have racing game where I could just have fun and enjoy it regardless how good or bad I am. ” – Venca – Openfun

Mayhem Cars is the first official video game soundtrack by TKIMUSE. In 2019, Venca from Openfun Games approached TKIMUSE for an exciting soundtrack which reflects the mania and mayhem which is prevalent in this crazy game.

The developer expressed an interest in fast paced synthwave music and wanted something similar for his game. TKIMUSE developed three tracks inspired by the developer’s love of synthwave, the destructive nature of the racing game, and his own experience of racing and action video games.

Venca was extremely happy with the result and since then, TKIMUSE has joined Openfun Games as a developer and remains as their lead composer, composing soundtracks for other games such as Mount and Shoot, OpenPop and more.

  • CLIENT Openfun Games
  • YEAR 2019
  • WE DID Lead Composer - Original Score
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