Moon Xrossed Princess - Original Score

Moon Xrossed Princess – Konditorei Studios

Meet Princess Miyuki, a bored Queen-to-be in a realm facing impending annihilation. Former shut-in and clueless of any kind of real world’s problem, young Miyuki reluctantly heeds the call to create meaningful connections with her subjects. Battling monsters by day, sharing nighttime with her allies inside a bullet train, Princess will walk the Path of Sovereignty through moral dilemmas, unsurmountable battles and… 8-bit video games.

A 3D adventure inspired by classic Japanese genre staples, Moon Xrossed Princess blends a social system together with turn-based combat mechanics, crossing the boundaries between Visual Novels and Role Playing games.

TKIMUSE has been developing a deep and immersive original score for Moon X Princess, with an eclectic blend of classic video game and anime stylistics, to the orchestral nuances of Studio Ghibli. The lead developer, Shinji, is incredibly happy with the flavour that TKI provides, capturing the world appropriately in this vibrant OST.

  • CLIENT Konditorei Studios
  • YEAR 2021
  • WE DID Lead Composer - Original Score
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