OpenPop - Original Score

Open Pop – Openfun Games

Explore a medieval fantasy world in which you take role of nation commander that is trying to reclaim their land. Fight across countless battlefields in order to get your nation back to its former glory.

For this game, TKIMUSE works again with Venca from OpenFun Games to develop a brand new game, this time it is a Medieval RTS based around building a village and raising an army to take on a raging enemy, challenging your kingdom.

As a real-time game, this required adaptable music that changes depending on the current scene. For this, TKIMUSE developed a calming musical scape to accompany the delightful building and resource collection scenes within the game. Using looped layers, this then descends into a frightful medieval clamour as the enemy approaches and the village is under seige.

Venca is highly impressed with the game’s smart soundtrack and the mood and pastiche of the music fits the atmosphere perfectly.

  • CLIENT Openfun Games
  • YEAR 2019
  • WE DID Lead Composer - Original Score
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