The Neon Youth - Original Score

The Neon Youth – Dylan Collins

The Neon Youth is a mysterious RPG that follows the stories of two boys, with throwback graphics and eerie pixel art reminiscent of classic dark RPGs.

The developer wanted a simple piano piece to represent a forest at night, as well as encapsulating the innocence of the young protagonists. I quickly drafted some initial ideas and sent them back to the developer. After a couple of consultations, we decided to develop the piece further.

He was very appreciative of my ability to turn his requirements and descriptions into music. He also purchased another track to use in-game which fuses synthetic and orchestral instruments.

The developer finally had this to say; “I would certainly say that (TKIMUSE) has satisfied my expectations and my somewhat rigorous requirements. I still listen to TKI’s music when I’m working. “The Tower Reversed” is a truly catchy tune with a bit of mystery.” – Dylan Collins

  • CLIENT Dylan Collins
  • YEAR 2019
  • WE DID Composer - Original Score
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