The Singularity Trials - Original Score

The Singularity Trials VR – Vegaware

The Singularity Trials is a VR game set in the same universe as Altair Assault 2369 by Vegaware Studios and and features the 3 Unique factions that have dominated the Solar System.

The Game is split into 3-5 minute simulations and players will be required to slash , rebound and use ranged throwing discs at the Incoming Enemy onslaught.

The Birmingham based studio approached TKIMUSE for his unique electronica and synthwave stylistics. The idea was to develop a small number of 3 minute long tracks that have a huge emphasis on beat and rhythm, as well as maintaining a strong connection to the science fiction themes and lore in the game’s universe. As well as battle tracks, TKIMUSE has written beautiful atmospheric music to accompany the player as they navigate the VR menu and explore the galaxy.

John at Vegaware is extremely happy with the results of TKIMUSE’s work. As a music producer himself, he has worked closely with TKIMUSE to discuss the aesthetic they are aiming for, with astounding results.

The Singularity Trials is in early beta and is due to be released in 2020. See the website for a chance to receive a beta key.

  • CLIENT Vegaware Studios
  • YEAR 2020
  • WE DID Composer - Menu and Battle Tracks
  • TAGS