UnNamed Space Shooter- Original Score

UnNamed Space Shooter – UnNamed Games

Go back to your childhood with an old classic! Dodge bullets, destroy enemies, upgrade your ship to survive!  Master your skills with two game modes, Classic and Survival.

UnNamed Games is a development studio that aims to create classic fun games on a regular basis. They run a Patrion which allows people to download their new games regularly and stay up to date.

For this game, the dev wanted a powerful piece of music reminiscent of old school space shooters, with a modern twist. From this, TKIMUSE developed a piece that incorporates classic synth sounds and rhythms as well as modern rock and electronica elements.

“Our Space Shooter soundtrack rocks! TKIMUSE soundtracks take your game to the next level, go check him out!” – UnNamed Games

  • CLIENT UnNamed Games
  • YEAR 2019
  • WE DID Lead Composer - Original Score
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